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Q: Is my caravan suitable for camping during the winter?
A: When your caravan isn't older than 10 years, your caravan is probably suitable for winter camping. Some adjustments are however necessary. Caravan manufacturing companies are still too much under the impression that the caravans are mostly being used during the summertime, so those who go out during the winter have to take matters in their own hands concerning the winter adjustments of their caravan.

Q: Where is the term winter proof coming from?
A: Scandinavian caravans are called winter proof, probably because they are standard equipped with a liquid heater, and a lot of attention is spent on the ventilation of the furniture. The isolation valuation of the current caravans is almost the same to that of Scandinavian caravans. However in your caravan the heating, ventilation-discharge and draining-canal must be checked and/or adjusted.
By combining the HelmoTherm®3 installation package and the existing standard air heater you will get a full-fledged air and liquid/fluid heating, through which your caravan your caravan becomes winter proof see advantages.


Scandinavian caravans and the top models of other brands, which are standard equipped white fluid heating are usually very expensive and with limited choice, while you are not brand/make committed with HelmoTherm®3.

HelmoTherm®3 is as an installation package deliverable to be built in your present brand caravan.

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