Welcome to our website, this is the place where you can find information about HelmoTherm®3, thé fluid heating system for your caravan, mobile or small boat.

With HelmoTherm®3 you can say good bye to cold feet while having a hot-head!

HelmoTherm3 icm Truma S

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Van der Helm
Handels- & Adviesbureau

Keltenlaan 9
2273 HX Voorburg - Netherlands
Telephone:  +31 (0)70 - 3866439
E-mail: info@helmotherm.com
KvK HR nr.27175512

HelmoTherm®3 and Truma S heating

HelmoTherm3 icm Truma S

Advantages HelmoTherm®3:
  • Lightweight
  • Power of simplicity, no vulnerable electronics
  • Swift reaction on temperature fluctuations
  • ...

HelmoTherm®3 and Truma CE heater

HelmoTherm3 icm Truma CE

  • Light weight.
  • Uncomplicated technology, no delicate electronics.
  • Fast response to temperature settings.
  • ...

HelmoTherm®3 and Truma E4000 heater

HelmoTherm3 icm Truma E4000

in combination with Truma E 4000 heater
with HelmoTherm® Electric heating element for 230 volts,
450 watt and Truma Airmix.