HelmoTherm®3 THE installation package for your central heating

One of the things HelmoTherm 3 is based on is a special developed heat exchanger, which is mounted between the existing heating and fan. The pump, convectors etc. are connected to this.

The basic principle is: mount convectors below the level of the exchanger and mount the fluid storage canister above the level of the convectors. By using the control panel of the heating the way you are used to, the fluid heating system will be used.

Contents of the HelmoTherm®3 installation package

  1. General user instructions
  2. Heat exchanger
  3. Mounting bracket for heat exchanger (optional)
  4. Needed convectors
  5. Needed convector brackets
  6. a. 12 volt fluid pump (standard)
    b. 12 volt fluid pump under mount (optional)
  7. Fluid storage canister
  8. 22 to 15 mm adapters (complete)
  9. Needed heater tube
  10. Needed tube fasteners and clips
  11. Draw-off tap T-model
  12. Lot of 2 or 3 bleed valves T-model
  13. Heated aluminum doorstep length 750/1000 mm
  14. Temperature switches to be used with fluid pump and overheat protection
  15. Electric heating module 230 V 450 watt (optional)

All HelmoTherm®3 materials are produced according to the highest standards, are over dimensioned and confirm to the European CE-quality norm. If mounted in accordance with the mounting instructions you will have years (a caravan life-time) of comfort with HelmoTherm®3 fluid heating.

HelmoTherm®3 installation package

HelmoTherm3 installation package

Installation pack HelmoTherm®3

HelmoTherm®3 installation package

Contents of HelmoTherm3 installation package

Contents of HelmoTherm®3 Installation pack

HelmoTherm® installation package

HelmoTherm3 Electric heating element

HelmoTherm® Electric heating element