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Dear Mr van der Helm,

It was some 3 years ago since I first read about the HelmoTherm®3 system in the KCK magazine. I was interested, but was still in doubt to but another caravan. Besides I found the investment of great importance, 955,-- euro (redactional: 5 meter package) for an update of the heating system is quite something. When I met you on the Caravan RAI 2002 with a demonstration installation and after exchanging some pieces of information, I was largely convinced.

My wife and I would go on our winter sports holiday in January for the first time in our new bought (Hobby) caravan. Till that time we always stayed in lodgings, but since we where fresh retired we had time on our hands and wished to experience the accommodation of the caravan. This fact was one of the deciding factors for buying the HelmoTherm®3 package, because a comfortable heated caravan is a must.

I have worked with a lot of joy on installing the package. had to improvise a few times from the delivered, standard schematics for installation due to hatches of a water tank that were in the way. But after good telephone consultation with you it all worked out fine.I was not in a hurry when installing and I can say that it all looks very nice.

And then the time came to try the heating in the cold. In mid January we went to Austria and stayed there for a month under a variety of weather conditions. The heating? Perfect! My wife a notorious shivery type was quite cynical until the purchase, but was promptly convinced with the amount of gained comfort. We both are very enthusiast about the good heat spread en the pleasant feeling of the heat screen between back and window when we sit in the sitting area.

For now there is nothing else for us to say than: We recommend it! Specially for caravan people who go out in the early spring, winter and/or the late autumn!

Best regards,
Sam Meihuizen.

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Dear Mr van der Helm,

Enclosed the letter that one of our HelmoTherm®3 users send us.

Best regards,
Wim Visser
Camperbouw Holland B.V.

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Truma Heating/Boiler C 3402

Dear Wim,
Here is our experience/story on the HelmoTherm®3/Truma heating.
During our first trip in January 2003, we were pleased with the heating. Even in Lapland (the North of Sweden) at temperatures below 30 degrees centigrade, we sat nice and warm in our camper.

We felt the heat up time was a bit long, but we solved that with an extra heat outflow under the table, which makes the heat up time a lot shorter. Would it be possible to speed up the fan of the heating, this would also reduce the heat up time? (Redactional: no, fan speed adjusts automatically).

Once the camper has reached the set temperature, the temperature is preserved very well. We are looking forward to our next trip to Sweden.

Best regards,
Lisbeth & Roel

Another reaction !!!!!


On a sunny Sunday we sit in front of our 'kerfje' (Redactional: Caravan type Kip Grey Line 47 TRZ) and our only goal is to do as little as possible and to just enjoy a nice day off. You know how that goes, have a chat with a fellow camper; 'If we are satisfied with the heating in our caravan?' Since we've known Aad for years we carefully give a slightly evasive answer, yes, it doable. 'You must be missing your fluid heating!'

Fair is fair, that was as true as possible, in our old caravan we had Primus fluid heating, but now we didn't. The current heating Truma 3002 series wit 'hot' (ahem) air ring heating does work, but halfway the ring the effect of the hot air is close to none.

It is easier to get heated fluid on the spot where it is needed, it stays warm for a longer period of time and the transport of fluids makes less sound. All together these are the big advantages of HelmoTherm®3.

We did knew that for some time, but we didn't feel confident if we where up to all the hassle, the mess in the caravan and then there was the question, could we do it ourselves? When the outside temperature asks for heating and you find the temperature on standing height is 26 degrees, on sit height 21 degrees and the floor is 21 degrees (the well know hot-head with cold feet effect) then your caravan screams for Aad to help you.

On that sunny Sunday, Aad stands in front of us: 'OK we are about to install HelmoTherm®3. The installation is not really difficult, it's all about READING and then step-by-step construction. Don't think, that is something as easy as cake, it takes some time specially for non experienced handymen.

We did the job in 2 afternoons, the first afternoon we did one half of the caravan, i.e. we put the convectors in the seats, the heat exchanger with the fluid canister in the closet and off course cleaning everything up. The second afternoon we placed the convectors under the bed and fixed the hose through the toilet and kitchen. We also placed the second convector. We removed 40% of the existing air hoses because they where not that effective at all. We could use the existing doorstep at the door, we only had to unscrew the insect screen (6 screws).

After all the convectors etc. where connected the only thing left to do was connecting the 12 Volt pump and filling the system with fluid. We didn't feel good about that, but Aad would help with that. In advance he told us that it would take 5 to 10 minutes to fill and bleed the system. And indeed we filled the system with an ordinary 12 Volt water pump, as a result there was not much air to bleed, after which we could do a test-run with the heating. After 10 minutes we where drinking a nice glass of wine in a comfortably heated caravan.

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