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Also for do-it-yourselfers or client specific.
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HelmoTherm®3 Do-it-yourself package

Do-it-yourself package 5 meters* EUR 989,--
Do-it-yourself package 6 meters* EUR 1089,--
Prices DIY packages are including BTW (dutch sales tax) and are excluding mounting, fluid, duckboards. Excluding shipping costs. *Construction length caravan.
New in the package (2009): heated doorstep 750 mm for the luggage hatch.

HelmoTherm®3 (optional) accessories

Fluid pump (under mount) 12 Volt 13 watt EUR 216,--
Connection set for Fluid pump (under mount) EUR 27,95
High/low switch EUR 36,95
Heated doorstep 750 mm EUR 82,50
Heated doorstep 1000 mm EUR 108,50
Prices are including BTW (dutch sales tax) and excluding mounting.

HelmoTherm® Electric heating element

Model HT 450-230 Volt 450 watt EUR 346,50
Contains: stainless steel housing, 450 watt Electric element, main switch, area thermostat, on/of sensor for the pump and fasteners


Mounting of fluid package from EUR 350,--*
Duckboards in the seats from EUR 95,--*
Mounting of under mount pump EUR 75,--

Mounting of heated doorstep EUR 75,--
Mounting of Electric heating element EUR 125,--
* = Depending on type of caravan.
**= Ask for our terms.

HelmoTherm®3 installation package  

HelmoTherm3 inbouwpakket

Installation package HelmoTherm®3

HelmoTherm®3 installation package

Inhoud HelmoTherm3 pakket

Contents of HelmoTherm®3 installation package

HelmoTherm® Electric installation package

HelmoTherm3 Elektrisch verwarmingspatroon

HelmoTherm® Electric heating element